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Box Trapper is a Challenge/Response System to Eliminate SPAM. It relies on the mail server sending out a "Challenge" email to the sender and the Sender Responding to the email. If the sender does not respond the mail doesn't go into your inbox. (SPAMMERS don't respond) If the sender responds to the challenge, their email account is "White Listed" and their mail goes to your inbox. They only need to do this once, so long as you don't delete them from your "White List".

Many ISP's have been using this system for years and charging a fee for the service.

Several independent companies offer this as an add-on for a fee.

We at Network56.com / BGS Grafix Internet Service, Inc. offer it "Free of Charge" to our email customers.

Here is the setup procedure, if you choose to activate it. It can also be turned off at any time by simply selecting "Disable"

Box Trapper Setup

Step 1.
Click on the eMail Options link on our website

Step 2.

Enter your email username and Password in the pop up box.

Click OK

Step 3.

On the cPanel Mail Management page click "Box Trapper"












Step 4.

On the next screen Click Enable. That will enable the Box Trapper program on your eMail account.

From this point on, all incoming eMail to your account will go into the Queue awaiting a "Response" from the Sender. Unless you
have "White Listed" the sender.

All incoming mail from White Listed senders will go directly to your inbox.

Step 5.

Now Click the link to "Configure Settings" and check: Enable Automatic White-listing

Then "Save".......Then "Go Back"......you are now back to the above screen.

You have now completed the setup for Box Trapper.


PLEASE KEEP IN MIND.....Your friends will answer your "Challenge email" and be "Automatically White listed"

Email from Banks, Utility companies, Newsletters and any other type of auto generated mail "WILL NOT" answer
your challenge and their mail will not get through. If you receive this type of email you will have to either add them
to your white list manually -OR- keep an eye on the "Review Queue" and click "White List and Deliver"

That will add those email accounts you want to get mail from.

A personal note from Gary....I use this system and it has eliminated Almost ALL junk mail for me. I did have to watch
the "Review Queue" for about 3 months to make sure I got all my important email senders "White Listed". Like my Utility bills
bank statements, invoices, etc. Now I hardly ever look at the "Review Queue" as all my important stuff is coming in
and the SPAM is not.

Any questions, please call during office hours. 10-5 Mon - Fri EST....1-772-618-2635

You're Done! No More SPAM !!!!!


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